Problems That Arise After Delivery

Even though you may have had a smooth pregnancy with not too many problems; it does not necessarily mean that you will have no problems after your delivery.

Once you are nearing your due date start asking your doctor about the common problems women face after their delivery. Besides breast feeding

You are most likely going to be discharged after one night at the hospital. Besides heavy bleeding that is likely to continue for the first month after your delivery; you may also face a problem of piles and fissures. This is more common if you have had a normal delivery and if your baby is a big baby. This is due to the pressure that the baby’s head puts on your bladder during the birth process.

You will be discharged from the hospital only once you have passed a sufficient amount of urine and have also passed stools. The inability to pass urine is quite common and is difficult for the first few hours after delivery. If however you are  yet unable to do so after a few hours you will be given a catheter and will be made to stay an additional night.

Fear to pass stools could lead to fissures and piles. This needs to be dealt with at an early stage. Ask the doctor to give you a laxative at night and eat a lot of fruits and drink lots of water.

Since the perineum is sore due to the delivery and stitches you may experience pain in that area and have a lot of discomfort sitting. To ease the pain and discomfort you can get a pile ring and sit on it. Have a sitz bath everyday for the first week. This will help the area to heal and is also good in case of piles and fissures.

These problems will cause anxiety and stress and will in turn affect your ability to breast feed. If you have had fissures during your pregnancy it is most likely to get worse after your delivery; so talk to your doctor well in advance about sorting it out.