Progesterone Deficiency and Infertility

There are many causes for infertility in women. One of such possible causes is progesterone deficiency. Progesterone, a hormone produced in the ovary, prepares and maintains the uterus for pregnancy. As such, the role of this hormone in preparing a woman for pregnancy is quite significant, so also its role during pregnancy.

Even if a woman conceives, there embryo has little chance to survive if she suffers from progesterone deficiency. In women suffering from progesterone deficiency, there is also a dominance of estrogen. This dominance of estrogen over progesterone can also make your body not so conducive for conceiving. If you have been not so successful in trying to conceive for some time, a test to check the level of progesterone in your body may be recommended by your physician.

Progesterone deficiency is more likely in older women. This is also a reason why women find it difficult to conceive during their late 30s and 40s. As a woman grows older, the level of progesterone production also decreases. This is also why doctors advise against late pregnancy. Even if you get conceived, you will find it difficult to adjust to the new changes arising out of pregnancy.

Another reason why women with progesterone deficiency find it difficult to conceive is because the level of progesterone has a direct impact on her libido. Her sex drive is high when the progesterone level is also high. This means women with deficiency in this hormone suffer from low libido. As a fall out, the chances of her getting pregnant are also reduced.

So are there treatments for progesterone deficiency? Of course, there are many remedies for progesterone deficiency. Natural progesterone is usually prescribed by doctors. It comes in the form of creams, injections, as well as oral medications. Natural progesterone creams are most commonly prescribed. This cream is applied in body parts such as the abdomen, breasts, upper thighs, and lower back. Your doctor will also advise you on how to use such creams for best results. There may be a few side effects of using these creams the most likely being dizziness. But this is quite a minor problem. Do consult your doctor in case the side effects are severe.