Progress in Five Month Old Children

Your baby’s concentration has developed a lot more than before, and she is more alert and can learn skills much more quickly. She has full control of her head by now, and it will not wobble when you carry her. She is able to hold it very steadily all by herself. She will be able to look at the mirror and actually smile at herself.

Any toy that you give her will go directly into her mouth, so now is the time to take care of what you give her. Small toys should be totally avoided and also make sure all the toys are very clean.

You will notice that she constantly puts her hands in the mouth. Allow her to do it as these are all learning experiences. She will be able to hold larger toys using both her hands by this time.

She will move her hands and legs when you leave the room, or to try and get your attention. She will begin squealing and trying to get your attention and her facial expressions will also be more noticeable. Make sure you are constantly calling her by her name and you will see that she will start responding to it.

If you give your arms to her you will see that she too will stretch her arms expressing her need to be carried. Talk with changes in your voice to excite her. Your baby will not want to be left alone with strangers at this point, so  avoid it as it will cause fear in her.

Talk to your baby while you are playing with her. You can gently prop her on your knees and bounce her up and down. You can carry her and swing her around and you will find her delighted. Do silly things like blowing on her tummy and hands and tickling her under her feet. She will love this type of bonding with you.

She will actually be able to hear sounds of someone coming. She will raise her arms constantly to be picked up. She will be able to pull herself up using her arms.