Pros and Cons of Homemade Baby Foods

When introducing solid food to babies for the first time, most mothers will often wonder whether to go with homemade foods or buy packaged baby foods from grocery outlets. Since baby nutrition is extremely important during the formative years, you need to give nutrient-rich foods to your little one.

Homemade baby foods are considered the safest and the best from a nutrient stand-point. Though it may not be possible for all, especially working mothers to feed freshly made baby foods to their infants daily, home-made baby foods has many advantages. This article highlights the positive aspects of making your own baby food and points out a few drawbacks as well.

The best part of homemade baby foods is that you have complete control over the quality of what you will be feeding your infant. Packaged foods have additives, preservatives and chemicals to increase their shelf life.

This means that you may be depriving your baby of the natural goodness found in fruits, vegetables and cereals as packaged foods contain many types of fillers which constitute a substantial percentage of the ingredients.

By offering homemade natural foods such as pureed veggies and fruits, you can ensure that your baby is getting optimum nutrients without any artificial substances going into his/her body system.

Besides, since homemade foods are prepared fresh daily using healthy cooking techniques such as steaming, much of the nutrition value contained in veggies and fruits remain intact.

This may not be the case with packaged baby foods since these readymade foods are exposed to high heat processes during packaging, which may destroy all vital vitamins.

Homemade baby foods give an opportunity to introduce your baby to a wide variety of natural tastes and textures. Besides, homemade foods allow you to introduce great variety of natural fruits and vegetables to your baby’s food palate. You can also incorporate many seasonal fruits and veggies to your baby’s diet.

Though baby foods are numerous advantages, making them daily can be tedious especially for working mothers. Packaged foods are many times preferred because they can be directly used straight out of the jar.

From a convenience point of view, homemade baby foods may not be very suitable. Try to feed your baby with homemade foods as far as possible to let him/her the natural goodness of fruits and veggies.