Pros And Cons Of Prenatal Diagnosis

Pros And Cons Of Prenatal Diagnosis If you are expecting a child, you must be anxious to know whether your baby will be born healthy or not. Many of you may be interested to know whether your baby will have a genetic disorder or not.

To find out all this information, prenatal diagnosis is done. The results of prenatal testing make couples aware about the health condition of their unborn baby.

You can now know in advance whether your baby will have any kind of disorders or medical conditions. To serve this purpose, amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling are performed by specialists.

The most challenging part of these two tests is to decide whether to go for them or not. There are some pros and cons of prenatal diagnosis. We will discuss about them in detail.

Pros of Prenatal Diagnosis

The biggest advantage of going for prenatal diagnosis is that you will be able to prepare yourself better to deal with problems which your unborn baby might face later in life.

You have the choice to terminate the pregnancy if the results of prenatal diagnosis show that your baby will not be able to lead a normal life or will have a very painful life ahead. It is obvious that the decision to terminate the pregnancy will be the toughest decision of your life.

Also, you will have a sufficient amount of time to learn about the treatment of disorders which your child may suffer in future. You will be able to know in advance about various health care centers and specialists that would be best for your child.

You will also get to know the total cost of the treatment so that you can make arrangements in advance. Some disorders and diseases can be treated successfully before birth.

If you know about these disorders in advance, doctors may start the treatment as early as possible so that your baby can get rid of them before birth. Prenatal diagnosis will help doctors to decide about the suitable delivery method so that the birth process can go smoothly without any hurdles.

Cons of Prenatal Diagnosis

Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling have their own drawbacks. These tests may result in miscarriage. The results of these tests cannot confirm 100% that there is nothing wrong with your baby. These tests do not cover all the diseases and disorders.

Who makes the Final Decision Regarding Prenatal Diagnosis?

Your doctor can only give you advice on whether prenatal diagnosis will solve your problem or not. He or she cannot force you to go for these tests. It is you who has to make life’s toughest decision.

Many couples like you opt for prenatal screening for the safety of their baby while others go against amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling because of the risks involved in these tests.

Therefore, it is entirely your own decision whether to go for prenatal diagnosis or not. But before taking any decision, you should consider all factors including pros and cons of prenatal diagnosis.

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