Protect Your Child’s Oral Health

Parents put in their best efforts to ensure that their child eats healthy and builds a strong body. They prepare diet charts for their children and feed them food which is nutritious.

But very often parents don’t pay much attention on maintaining oral health of the child. Usually the importance of good oral health is realized when the child suffers from tooth decay. Nonetheless if parents are careful about the oral health of the child from they can ensure that their child has strong teeth and healthy gums which are not prone to oral problems.

Oral health should be maintained right from the time when your child takes birth. Once the child turns one year old, a visit to the dentist is advisable to prevent any chances of oral problems. Many a times the child goes to sleep with the bottle in his mouth.

If the bottle contains milk, formula, juice or any other sweet substance, the bottle should be removed from the child’s mouth once he is done with the food. These food items contain bacteria and prolonged exposure to these bacteria can lead to tooth decay.

Infant death syndrome has become quite common these days and to prevent it, parents take the help of pacifiers. Once your child reaches an age of one year, the use of pacifiers should be stopped gradually as using it for too long or sucking it strongly can harm the oral health of the child.

When your baby develops teeth, you should make sure that the teeth of the baby are cleaned regularly with a toothbrush. However use a toothbrush with soft bristle or else it can hurt the baby’s gums. If you are apprehensive about the use of brush, gauze can be used in its place.

But once your child becomes older and develops second teeth, teach him to brush and floss his teeth on his own. Inculcate the habit of brushing teeth twice everyday and maintaining oral hygiene in your child right from his childhood. A visit to the dentist at regular intervals is a must to maintain the oral health of the child and prevent the occurrence of any oral disease.