Puberty In Girls

Puberty is the stage where in an individual moves from a preadolescent stage to an adolescence stage. As compared to boys, girls reach this stage little earlier in their life because of the activity of female sex hormone estrogen.

During this stage in addition to the physical changes, there will be changes in their thinking ability, emotions, social attitude etc and this stage starts from the age of 9 and may extend up to 16 years. During this period a girl need maximum support from her mother and it is vital to make the girl understand about the physiological changes that is happening in her and only a mother can handle this situation so effectively.

Being a mother it’s your duty to talk to your daughter about the menstrual cycles and its physiological purpose. A mother can realize the physical changes that happen to her daughter quickly and can tell her about the physical and physiological changes that are happening and this help the girl to accept the important changes in her.

Most of the girls attain height and weight during this period and there will be more fat deposits on her upper back, thighs, upper arms and hips becomes more rounder while the waist narrows down. Breast development is the most important and early sign of puberty in most of the girls and many of them feel soreness around their nipples. At this period many girls may try to stay away from their mothers.

There will be mood swings during this period and mothers should understand these feelings and must give them a feeling that she is with her. Menstruation at times makes the girl scared and embarrassed especially if it happens outside home. Hence mothers should talk to their daughter about the bleeding and the tampons or sanitary pad and its usage.

Mother should instruct them to keep one extra pad in their school bag or lockers to take care of the unexpected bleeding. Talk to the girls about the back pain, aching in thighs, stomach pain, nausea, fatigue etc that may be associated with the menstrual cycle. Also helps them to buy bras that fit perfectly so that they won’t get embarrassed with their new body shape. With all these supports your daughter feels more comfortable at the onset of her first period.

Some girls have decreased self esteem especially if they reach puberty later than their friends. At this point a mother can do a lot by making them understand that sooner she too will undergo the same changes. Good conversation with your daughter helps to build good attachments and make the girl more comfortable and happy with you.