Put Your Baby To Sleep On A Rocking Chair

If you have already tried various ways to successfully put your baby to sleep, here is one more alternative which will surely make your baby asleep within minutes and that is a rocking chair. Putting the baby to sleep has been the most tedious job for many mothers.

Many times it has been seen that the mother is fast asleep, whereas the baby is still awake. However, your baby is supposed to sleep at least for 15 to 16 hours a day, to ensure his proper growth and development. So somehow you have to ensure that your baby gets the required amount of sleep to grow up properly.

Not only your baby but also you should get enough rest during this time to recover your health and to regain your energy. In the first 3 months of your baby’s life, he is going to be completely dependent on you. Unless you are fully fit and healthy, you will not be able to give adequate support for the healthy living of your baby. This is the time, when you should only concentrate on the wellness of you and your baby and no one else.

All these can be solved in one attempt, when you get a rocking chair. Make the rocking chair well cushioned so that you get total comfort. Now before you be on the chair with your baby, make sure that he is full in stomach and ready to sleep with a fresh diaper and lightly dressed.

Swaddle your baby properly with a light weight blanket, so that he feels more warm, secured and protected. In case it is too cold, then switch on the room heater to a comfortable temperature.

At the same time, you should also take some preparations before sitting on the chair, as you need to sit on for quite some time. Place a table in front of the rocking chair, so that you can keep your food or books or remote control etc on it, in case you do not feel like sleeping.

You may also keep the baby crib near you, so that you can easily put your baby onto the crib, when he falls asleep. Now finally you hold your baby on your chest and start to rock on the chair with a smooth and gentle motion. Probably within minutes, your baby will get fast asleep.