Putting Your Baby To Bed

You will find the fist four months with your baby like you have been sleep deprived. Some babies keep you awake most of the night, causing you to disrupt your entire routine and pattern of sleep. Your baby will sleep only if she is tired and if she is full. She may also cry and not sleep due to a feeling of insecurity if you are not with her.

Some things you can do to help your baby to sleep and give you some time to rest it to firstly check her nappy to see if it is wet and apply nappy rash cream before changing her into a new one. Play some gentle and soothing music that may ease her and make her sleep. Check to see that she is not feeling too hot, and maintain a room temperature which is suitable even for you. Remove any extra blankets in case she is feeling too hot.

Putting the baby in a pram and moving around the house may help. A bouncer in which she continues a rhythmic bouncing may also help her go to sleep. Hang a mobile over her cot which she can see and listen to and may help her to fall asleep. She may not be able to sleep if she is bored so you can give her a baby gym to occupy and entertain her with. Avoid carrying her on your shoulder on in your arms and rocking her to sleep. This will become very difficult as she starts gaining weight, and you will find it difficult to carry a heavy baby and put her to bed.

Avoid bad habits like making the baby sleep only with a feed. This is very difficult to stop and change. Allow her to sleep beside you on the bed and you can gently pat her to sleep while she is looking at you and getting comfort from you. Let her get used to this routine without being carried. Once she has gone to bed, wait for half an hour before carrying her and transferring her to her cot.