Putting your Child in Extra Curricular Activities

Parenting can be quite difficult. As your child grows you will find out from other parents about the different classes they are sending their children to. You will also have to put your child in a few classes. Find out about the various classes in your area that is convenient for you and what you think your child will enjoy.

Try a few classes and talk to your child about them. Ask him what he would prefer learning. these classes are all after school where the child can learn other specialised skills. You can put your child in a swimming class, music class, reading programme, drama or loads of other things.

Whatever you choose to put him in allow him to skip the class if he has a birthday party or once in a while does not want to go. Do not make the class competitive. It is better the child enjoys what he is learning and competition can start later on after he has mastered what he has learnt and has gained confidence in it.

Also do not put the child in too many classes as he will not enjoy all and will not be able to tell you what he prefers and what he does not like. Start with two classes at a time and continue them for a while before you decide to start another one. Children get tired and also need free time to play. Make sure that the child has enough time for free play which is an important part in his development.

Classes are good for the child as they not only learn new skills but also learn to interact with new people and make new friends. If you find that your child constantly wants to skip class then talk to him about it and understand the problem. Also if your child has decided with you to begin a class tell him that he has to stick to the schedule and go for it regularly. Make sure he is not joining a class only because his friends are joining it.

Always check on the progress your child is making in the class. If school work is adding up and your child’s grades are falling it is better to drop out of a class and get back to it later.