Reading and Talking to the Infant

Your baby will be your constant companion for a while after it is born. It’s feeding and other requirements will make it necessary for you to be with the baby a lot. You will have to give a lot of time to entertaining and playing with the baby.

You will find that it is a little difficult to play with the baby for very long, since the baby cannot respond and be actively involved in many things you do. You will soon run out of ideas of things you can do with the baby. Reading is one of the best ways to engage yourself and the baby.

You must remember that the baby can start to hear voices while still in the womb. It can start to hear sounds once it is about five months old in your tummy. Since it is a part of you, the baby will continue to react and respond fastest to the mother’s sound. The mothers voice will also be very soothing and relaxing for the baby. Reading is a very good way to keep the baby calm.

Try reading to the baby before you put them to bed at night. Not only is this a good habit to develop right from the beginning, but it is also a good way to calm the baby down and prepare it for it’s nights sleep. You will find the baby is comforted, relaxed and will sleep faster once it is read to.

Talking to your baby is also very important. Your baby is listening carefully to every word you say, because this is all new to him. This is how children start to pick up languages and words. The more you talk to your baby, the faster the baby will start to imitate sounds, and consequently start talking as well. Make conversations about everything, the tasks you are doing with the child, the foods he is eating. Familiarise the baby with all the things he does and sees on a daily basis.

Most parents make the mistake of talking gibberish and childishly with their children. While it is alright once in a while, talking to your child in the manner will only teach the child to begin talking in an unclear way from the start.