Reading For Children – Developing The Habit Of Reading

That would probably be what you always get when you encourage or tell your kid to start reading his or her books, girls can be easily motivated to read especially when it comes to princesses and fairy tales, but for the boys…HUH! You’ll bleed to death just to be able to get them to hold their books.

Most of them would rather stick their eyes in front of the boob tube or in front of their computers playing the latest and state of the art, fully animated and graphically violent online games.

Rather than open those illustrated books from their school, or you may even be able to convince them to read alright but they have all those comic books in their hands rather than their school books.

However, if you’ll just tolerate such behavior and attitude; sooner or later you’ll find out that they’ll spend more than half of their lives regretting that you never compelled them enough to learn how to read.

Reading for Children is literally essential, you may not believe it. But it’s for your own child’s good. You wouldn’t want your child to be called illiterate or uneducated because he or she can’t even read or write its own name? Or people making fun out of them when they have to read something aloud and misread or mispronounce it, she or he’ll be mocked and laughed at. And you may not realize it but the entire blame will literally point towards YOU.

Just think about it, if your parents didn’t IMPOSE on you that you need to learn and know how to read. Would be the kind of person you are right now? You may not believe it but there are some people who haven’t even been able to study college but just learned and educate themselves by simply reading books. You may even be surprise if they can speak clearly and fluently the universal language better than you do.

Reading for Children needs to be imposed upon them; they may hate you for it. But someday they’ll come to realize that the most precious gift and inheritance that you have left them is their knowledge.

Reading can be a source of information and intelligence, intelligent and smart people know what they know it’s because they too have learn to read.

Therefore it is crucial for you to make your children
understood that reading should be a part of their life. So, why not motivate your kids to start reading and let them know that in reading they can achieve whatever they wish and hope to achieve in life in the years to come of their lives.