Reading To Kids – Making It Interesting & Fun

Huh! Reading?!!! With both the eyebrows and pouting lips should be the response most probably by your kids. Reading to kids is now a thing from the past, considering that they actually now have the unlimited access of information right at the Internet.

Who would want to read books anyways? Only the geeks and the smart, lonely and the bored ones would totally dig into books. That’s what most kids probably would think nowadays.

Unfortunately for them, they should realize that what they are now enjoying, all the advance technologies and the modernization of almost everything are products and were made possible by people who did a lot of reading in their early days.

If it would not been for their love or maybe their forced passion for reading, there would have been no technologies and gadgets that we can enjoy and use nowadays. Who would bother dare read all those formulas and computation on how to make an invention, or create something out of something if those inventors and scientist didn’t know how to read right? Reading, whether hot headed and impatient kids nowadays may accept or not is VITAL, ESSENTIAL and CRUCIAL for them to be able to survive and live the kind of life that they would probably dream of.

So, should reading be important reading to kids? A resounding YES should be the answer to that, knowing that in everything it would be their primary weapon in order to survive and live untainted in today’s world. Just let them think about it, if they don’t know how to read, life would be hard and difficult for them. Show them or let them experience a simple illustration, in every country there’s a community of other nationalities right? So, here’s an experiment for you as parents to do in order for you to convince your children to give much importance to reading.

When you’re in a let’s say Chinese community, show to them all the signs or better yet go inside a store and let them talk to the owner. Ask the owner nicely to talk in his own native tongue, and let him talk to your kids. What do you think will the reaction of your children? Well, you’re right they will not understand a single word that the owner has just spoken of. See, with such simple illustration, though you may know how to speak, but if you don’t know how to read it would be very difficult for you to communicate as well as mingle and go along with the people around you.

Do you think, that wouldn’t be enough to motivate your kids to learn how to read and give importance reading as well? Of course you don’t have to ask them to learn Chinese just for them to understand the owner if ever you go back to the store. Reading to kids may just a thing of the past, but make them realize that if people, great or small of the past didn’t know how to read. Most probably all of us would still be in a cave and eating each others lice from each others head.