Reasons For A Missed Period

Nothing is scarier than a missing period when we don’t plan to get pregnant. Our mind, body and soul all should be completely ready for the new one. Then only we can give him complete happiness. There may be many reasons which should be taken care of before taking a full time responsibility of a baby.

One most obvious reason for missing period is accidental conception. It may happen after taking necessary precautions also. But to your relief this is not the only reason. You can opt for a pregnancy strip test if it’s negative then the other reasons of a missed period are as follows

You may be on some pills for prevention of accidental conception. Sometimes These pills can cause some side effects which involves bleeding, late or delayed menstruation cycle, spotting in between cycle etc.

other reason can be The use of Patch and Under Skin Birth Control methods. It uses hormones to prevent pregnancy. So these hormones named progestin can cause changes in menstruation date and flow.

We expel the lining of the uterus as menstrual flow in our periods. In some women this lining material begins to grow and can cause pain in the lower abdomen .the condition is called Endometriosis. This may be the one reason for delay in period and constant discomfort.

If there is no ovulation due to any reason or sometimes it can occur normally also then there will be no menstruation flow for the particular cycle.
If the lady is undergoing some mental or emotional problem then there will be effect on her hormones. That may lead to changes in her menstrual cycle. So stress plays a very big role in the life of a woman.

If there are other medical conditions like thyroid problems it may lead to menstrual disturbances. Sudden weight changes also effect the cycle. It may be early but in most of the cases the cycle is delayed. Some medicines can also affect your cycle adversely especially the tranquilizers.

If you miss more than one period it is always advisable to consult your doctor. He will do the necessary tests and find the underline cause so that the condition can be treated effectively