Reasons Of Bleeding In First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Reasons Of Bleeding In First Trimester Of PregnancyWhile talking about the bleeding in first trimester we need to know first what these trimesters mean. The first 3 months of pregnancy is refered as first trimester. 4th to 6th month is considered as second trimester and finally the last 3 months is designed as 3rd trimester.

Bleeding in the first trimester is somewhat common in a woman. If you notice stain of blood in your panty or vaginal bleeding you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible to avoid any complications. It can be a sign of miscarriage.

But it will give you a bit of a relief that vaginal bleeding during first trimester is not always a sign of miscarriage. There are many reasons for the vaginal bleeding in the first trimester. Know the reason for bleeding in the first trimester to avoid it.

Reasons Of Bleeding In First Trimester Of Pregnancy


One of the most congenial reasons for bleeding during first trimester is related to implantation. In some cases, the site where the fetus is implanted in the uterus bleeds.  This type of bleeding is painless and occurs frequenltly. In such condition, avoid lifting heavy objects and having sex with partner. With the suggestions from your doctor you can also go for USG to see the growth of the baby.  Take complete bedrest for better implantation. Don’t take it lightly as it is also refered as threatened miscarriage which means the rate of bleeding can suddenly increase resulting into miscarriage.

Ectopic pregnancy

If you notice sudden vaginal bleeding, cramp in lower abdomen, neck or shoulder pain, nausea then report immediately to your doctor.

Ectopic pregnancy

It can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy where the egg is fertilized outside of the uterus.This kind of pregnancy even can threaten your life. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience such kind of symptoms.


Whenever you become confirmed of your pregnancy then onwards you need to take good care of yourself. During the first trimester you need to take rest as much as possible to avoid any kind of complicacy. Many of the pregnant ladies experience miscarriage in the first trimester as they were unaware of their pregnancy. Don’t lift any heavy bject, walk slow and try to take rest. The first trimester is very vulnarable for miscarriage.

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As the tenderness and sensitivity increase in the cervix area during first trimester to have sex during this period is not safe. It can cause bleeding.


If you experience pelvic cavity infection or urinary tract infection then ot can cause minor bleeding. Consult your doctor to treat infection or else it can harm your pregnancy.

urinary tract infection in pregnancy

These are the major reasons of bleeding during the first trimester. By following a strict routine one can avoid this. As the baby takes three months to form so it becomes necessary for a mother to stay safe.

Now you have the idea about the reasons for bleeding during first trimester, so take special care of your health to avoid bleeding. Also consult a doctor if you experience bleeding in the first 3 months. Remember, there is no medications or home based remedy to prevent bleeding in the first trimester. So, stay safe! Devote your nine months of pregnancy to your unborn in true sense.