Reasons To Breast Feed Your Child

Breast feeding is one of the most natural phenomenons of nature. It is highly recommended that a mother should breast feed her child.

It has so many advantages over the normal milk plus it is beneficial for both, the mother and her child. Besides creating an internal bond between the two, let’s see what benefits breast feeding could bring to your child and yourself.

Breast feeding increases the immunity of a newborn. It is likely that when a baby enters the world, he is prone to numerous infections. The breast milk immunes the baby from various diseases and infections. Even if you can not decide to breast feed your child for a long period of time, do it in the initial stages.

The breast milk is filled with antibodies and it gives strength to the respiratory system and intestines. In fact, there are many side effects of artificial feeding. For example, there are greater chances of developing ear infection, pneumonia, gastroenteritis, etc.

Breast feeding also helps to grow intelligence. Child who is breast fed is said to develop a better brain than the ones who are artificially fed. The milk found in mothers has numerous minerals and proteins that the artificial milk can not provide which contribute to the development of brain of the baby.

The longer you feed your baby with breast milk, the better it is for his health and growth. It is recommended to breast feed child for 6 months at least if not more. Breast milk is good for premature babies and it also gets easily digested by them.

Other than the internal benefits, there are a lot more benefits of breast feeding the child. A child develops strong teeth because of the presence of calcium in milk. Non- breastfed child is more likely to get obese than the breast fed one.

Breast fed babies have better growth pattern and they have lesser chances of dying due to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). So looking at all these benefits, a mother must understand the importance of breast feeding the child and should do it without any hesitations.