Reasons Why Children Should Have Their Own Bedroom

Reasons why children should have their own bedroomChild in their entire life keeps on crossing miles stones with the support of their loving parents. But the milestone we are going to talk here is very different from others. Sleeping alone in their room.

Night is such a period when all children look forward for warmth of their parents. Sleeping without them is like walking on your own in darkness. But as they grow, it becomes necessary for parents to apart them from their bedroom, this will be good for both parents and child.

Reasons Why Children Should Have Their Own Bed Rooms

Sense of Belongingness

With their own room, the sense of belonging comes very fast in children. If there are more children in house, every child will enjoy his or her early days more with some safeguard of belonging. A room where they can remain away from their siblings, where no one can come can destruct their puzzles, their unfinished paintings can be left out safe and sound, their books are protected from others hands. In their own room they can play quietly, with lots of guest partying out.

More Responsible

Their own room makes them more responsible. They have to keep their room dirt free, keep books and toys back in shelves, their clothes folded nicely and kept back in cupboard. With small age they start keeping small area, their room, clean whereas as they grow small area turns into whole house. Most of children depend on parents for cloths to be worn after bath. With their own room they become more responsible and will soon start pulling out their cloths from cupboard.


For parents it becomes more suitable when child has their own bed room. They can sit in child’s bedroom and play for hours without any disorder. Even when there are surprise visitor you can leave child’s messy room closed behind the door. More over child can be kept away from late night parties at home.

Freedom to Decorate

Usually parents do not like flashy colors on wall or dark color cushion or bed covers. But your child might insist for that after certain age. With their own bedroom they can enjoy the freedom to decorate their room with their favorite things, then parents should not mind whether it is hanging doll on mirror or flying birds on windows or any poster on wall.

Quiet Playtime

Like adults children also love to be alone and quite some time. Their room can be best place where they can find themselves. They can sit quietly with their books or puzzles. One of the biggest advantages is that their concentration level also increases in this way. Mostly teenagers love to be alone in their room with their favorite music.

Child Enjoy Privacy

Child Enjoy Privacy

With the growing age they want their own privacy, occasionally from their siblings or even from their parents. Most of them demand privacy when their friends visit their house. After certain age they don’t feel comfortable while getting dress or undress in front of their siblings. With the growing usage of technology they want to be alone on when they are on face book or Skype or another social site.

Parents Get Privacy

Married life is always partial without the sexual bond. It’s very uneasy for mom as well as father to build this bond in presence of their child.
Many times it is noticed that when couple is not able to fulfill each other’s physical need they become more attached towards their child.  The child can also obtain the ability to comfort her self and this comes from the parents know the art of moving their child and giving them comfort and space.

Keep Child Away from Parent’s Argument

Children are like a sponge, they will absorb what they will see & listen. Parent’s argument can have very undesirable impact on their future. Parents should make a note that before any such argument child should be slept in their room or busy playing with toys.

Cool Down

With increasing academic pressure and peer pressure most of kids start developing frustration in them. Their room can be best place to take out this frustration. Even after a small fight with their siblings or friends they get restless, their room can be best quite place to be cool them down.

Having their own room is a privilege of every child. Child having their own room is filled with confidence and self esteem. Apart from this they turn out to be happier person in life.

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