Reasons Why You Should Avoid Tanning During Pregnancy

Getting pregnant and becoming a mother is a blissful experience. But from the day you have conceived through the day of delivery, the journey is mixture of many discomforts and pains as well as pleasure and ecstasy. Though emotionally satisfying, pregnancy may bring along with it bags of problems.

Now your back may pain for days, you are stricken with morning sickness and aversion for food, and during sleeps you may be awakened by painful muscle cramps. Moreover, some problems may be quite embarrassing such as bloating and leakage. Quite sometimes and especially during the first trimester you may get bored and feel uninterested.

Although the thought of your baby developing inside you may be comforting, women cannot deny having pregnancy blahs during some point of time. During such times, you feel like going out and get some relaxing time under the sun. May be you would like to get a little bit of tanning under the sun. Not a bad idea to counteract boredom! But is it really a good idea to go for tanning during pregnancy? Let’s find out.

The effect of UV rays on your skin is another thing. Now you have to think of the effects of UV rays on your unborn baby too. Sitting under the sun for a long time can raise your body temperature and lead to overheating your baby. This can lead to spinal malformations to your baby. Overexposure of the baby to UV rays may also be linked to lack of folic acid, which can lead to a condition known as spina bifida. It is congenital defect wherein the vertebra of the baby is malformed.

Moreover, sitting long hours under the sun can lead to loss of water from your body. During pregnancy, you cannot afford to dehydrate yourself. It can have serious consequences on the health of your baby. As such, tanning is not a good idea while you are pregnant. It can harm not only you but also your baby.

Even if you want to go outdoor, make sure that you drink a lot of water to remain hydrated. Also use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30. In case you feel tired or dizzy, cool off your body immediately.