Recognizing Signs of Teenage Pregnancy

It is disturbing news that teenage pregnancy is on a rise. The reasons could be many varying from unhappy atmosphere at home to lack of proper sex education among teens. Whatever the reason, the fact is that teen pregnancy can lead to lot of problems including emotional as well as physical. A teen who is pregnant will never take her parents into confidence before the obvious signs of pregnancy start showing. Therefore, it is the duty of parents to be extra careful around their teenagers who start behaving strangely before its too late.

Here are a few tips to help you recognize signs of teenage pregnancy.

One of the most obvious clues of pregnancy is missed period. If you find out for yourself or if your daughter confides in you that she has missed periods this month or is late, take her to the doctor for a checkup just to ensure that everything is fine.

If your daughter complains of sore nipples or tender breasts, she could be pregnant. Would-be-mothers notice changes in their breast size as early as the first month of pregnancy. Feeling of nausea early in the morning is also a sign of pregnancy. However, morning sickness can be experienced during any part of the day.

Soon-to-be-moms are easily tired and fatigued. They also go through severe mood swings because of the hormonal changes. Teenagers usually have mood swings but pregnancy mood changes can be quite erratic and irrational.

A pregnant woman will take more trips to the bathroom than usual. This is because of the expanding uterus putting more pressure on the bladder. If you observe your teen frequently visiting the bathroom test for pregnancy.

Increasing weight and signs of swollen hands and feet in the first trimester could also mean that your daughter is pregnant. Look for expanding belly. While not all women put weight during the first trimester, some women do.

These signs of pregnancy could also be related to other problems as well. Your daughter could be having normal teenage mood swings or simply putting on weight eating junk. Don’t accuse your daughter straight out of unprotected sex and being pregnant. There is no pint in going through a moral lecture also at this stage. Instead take her in to confidence and visit a doctor for a pregnancy test. .

Anubha Pandey