Recovering After A C Section

Every woman longs to have the experience of becoming a mother and more so having a safe and normal confinement. A normal delivery though painful gets compensated by the joy of seeing your tiny little baby. Since the pain is gone after delivery you do not feel the pinch of it so much.
But a C- section is totally different. If this is your first baby, you really feel disappointed on not being able to have a natural delivery. There could be several reasons and your health provider knows best, so if you have had a C-section do not brood over it, be glad you had a normal baby and look forward to recovering quickly.

Firstly you may be put on sedatives to relieve the pain after your C section. But even then you will experience pain while sitting and getting up but it is important to overcome the discomfort and try to be active. You may be allowed to take a bath after 24-48 hours but you will need to be very careful about the wound.

Pat dry the wound with a towel, apply ointment prescribed by your health provider and keep it covered as per the advice of your practitioner. It is very essential to keep the wound dry so that it heals quickly and make sure it is clean so that there is no pus formation or any infection in the area. You will normally take three to four days to recover but you need to be careful and take sufficient precautions.

After being discharged from the hospital, you must be very careful about yourself. Do not strain too much or carry any heavy loads. You need to understand that you have undergone a major surgery and your abdominal muscles are weak. Some young mothers are very eager to get back to shape.

They want to begin exercising and lose all the extra weight they gained during pregnancy. But if you have had a C section do not even think of a regular exercise routine at a gym. Your body needs time to recover; this is not the time for diet and exercise. Just walking and probably yoga may be more than sufficient in helping you to lose weight.

Esther Gideon


The author is a postgraduate in business management and is a mother of a four year old and an eight month old.