Recovery after c section

Recovering after a c section is slightly more difficult than after a normal delivery.You will be wheeled in to post operative room after the surgery to monitor your vital signs such as blood pressure etc.

The firmness of your uterus will be checked. Typically, you will receive pain medications after the c section.

After 24 hours your physician will encourage you to start walking to reduce the chances of blood clots in your legs. Walking also helps in getting relief from gas that occurs in abdomen after a cesarean. Always start walking with help. You may find it difficult to walk at first, but pain will subside within a few days.

Your catheter will be removed within a day. Expect a stay in hospital for 3 to 4 days after a cesarean.

Try to avoid climbing stairs for at least one week.There are some tips that you can follow to recover after a cesarean delivery.

Make sure that you wear a postpartum belt. When you try to sit up and move to breast feed your baby it may break the delicate tissues that surround the incision.

– Strengthen your abdominal muscles by gently pelvic tilts. It improves the posture of your body brings the body in shape again.

– Eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in fiber and protein such as soy and fish. These foods help in fighting infections.

– Wear loose fit and comfortable clothes.

– Drink plenty of water to avoid constipation.

Call your doctor if you see any symptoms of infection such as redness or swelling of incision, fever or any sudden onset of pain.
Your vaginal bleeding may last up to six weeks. It will slowly turn from bright red to pink and then yellowish.

It is very important to get rest at home. Avoid heavy household work for around 8 weeks.

You may take several months to get back to your former self.Remember that healing from a surgery takes a lot of time and your body is going through a lot of Postpartum blues are common in case of cesarean delivery, try to be patient. You will feel better with new responsibility of your baby and you will learn to enjoy life with your baby.

chhavi khullar