Reduce Heartburn During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a great feeling. However, some women also experience the discomforts that are commonly associated with pregnancy. Many will find themselves having heartburn even if they have never had it before.

In heartburn the mouth turns acidic in taste and there is burning sensation in chest and throat. During pregnancy the main cause of heartburn is hormonal imbalance. Also the increase in belly size pushes the food and stomach acids into esophagus and throat; hence the burning sensation and acidic taste.

The discomfort caused by heartburn can be greatly reduced by following simple steps.

Avoid eating citrus fruits, juices, chocolates, tomatoes and tomato based curries, mint products, spicy and oily food, mustard sauces and vinegar. Don’t drink caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea. Also stay off alcohol. Smoking is a complete no. it will not only harm the fetus but also increase heartburn.

Chew your food well and don’t eat in a rush. Instead of eating three heavy meals in a day, have six small meals. Have your last meal of the day at least three hours before going to bed. Drink lots of water. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day will help clear toxins from your body.Don’t wear tight clothes that constrict your waist and cheat. Wear loose clothes preferably in cotton.

While sleeping, prop yourself high on the pillow. Your head should be at least six to eight inches off your bed. This will keep the food and acids from entering the esophagus.If you are working, sit upright in your chair. This might be difficult all the time but care not to slouch as this will put pressure on the esophagus.

Avoid bending at the waist because this will force the food and acids from your stomach into esophagus. Bend at the knees instead if you must.Gain sensible amount of weight. Too much weight is not good for your health and your over-sized belly will put more pressure on your stomach.Don’t use over-the-counter drugs without the advice of your doctor. There are plenty of drugs available in the market to ease heartburn. You can also take cold milk to get rid of the burning sensation caused by heartburn.

Many of the illnesses during pregnancy are because of hormonal changes. So don’t feel disheartened if you do get heartburn even after taking all the precautions.

Anubha Pandey