Reflexes Your Baby is Born With

Your baby is learning while in the womb and can already do lots of things. When the baby is born he can do certain specific things and has certain reflexes and you will easily notice these reflexes within the first month after birth.

You will notice that your child does not understand space and that is why they are kept loosely tied. When you untie the baby or carry the baby you will find them jerking their arms and legs as if they are startled. This is called the Moro reflex. When this happens hold the baby tight so that they feel secure and in time this reflex will come in control.

All babies are born with a sucking and swallowing reflex. The baby already knows how to suck on your nipples and get milk. He does not need to be taught. It is you who has to learn the art of feeding your baby. The sucking reflex is the most important reflex as the baby sucks milk within a few hours after birth. When your baby moves his mouth towards the breast and hunts for the breast to feed; this is called the rooting reflex.

A baby is also born with a grasp reflex. This is slightly weak at birth and gets stronger with time. If you place your finger in your child’s palm he will hold on to it and you will find his grip getting stronger as the weeks go by.

If you touch your baby’s feet and try and tickle him he will curl his toes in. This is known as the stepping reflex but has no connection with when the child will learn to walk.

Another reflex that the child is born with is the blinking reflex. This will keep the eyes protected. Try and touch their eyelids even a few hours after birth and they will close their eyes. These reflexes are necessary in all children at birth.

The most important of these reflexes is the sucking reflex as it is necessary for feeding. An absence of any reflex will need to be checked by the doctor.