Relaxation Tips during Labor

Every pregnant woman should be aware of the relaxing techniques that can be practiced during a particularly long and uncomfortable labor.

Breathing Techniques

Proper breathing helps a pregnant woman relax by decreasing anxiety levels. Correct breathing improves comfort and releases tension. Breathing slowly and deeply helps supply oxygen to the baby and also makes the woman more aware of the approaching contraction. Slow and relaxed breathing prevents dizziness caused by fatigue and pain.

Water Immersion
Many hospitals have whirlpool tubs that release powerful jets of water. Laboring mothers are asked to sit in these whirlpools. As they immerse themselves in the pool the water comforts their aching bodies by encouraging blood circulation, reducing anxiety level, increasing energy levels to combat the impending task of laboring. Water births have gained popularity over the years.


A companion accompanying the pregnant woman in the labor room can take the duty of giving massages during labor. Gently massaging areas like stomach, inner thighs, lower legs, back and even hands can provide great comfort to the woman undergoing labor pain. However, not all women like massages during labor.

Calm Environment
Many hospitals have created a calming environment in the labor room as this helps relax the pregnant woman. Dim lights, soulful and soothing music, aromatherapy, normal room temperature and the company of a loved one can perk up the mother and allow her to concentrate on labor.

Support System
A good support system can go a long way to make the woman in labor feel at ease and relaxed. Physical and emotional support of a partner, family member or friend can affect the mood of the mother and help her go through the hard rigors of labor. Holding the hand of a loved one during painful contractions can even lessen the mother’s dependence on pain relieving drugs.

Heat or Cold Application
Taking a hot shower or soaking the body in a hot water tub can reduce the awareness of pain. A companion can even apply hot or cold pad on the body parts that need to loosen up during labor. Clean cloth soaked in ice cold water can be used to wipe sweat from face and neck during labor.

Anubha Pandey