Relaxing kids is a Necessity -Tips

Kids are bundle of energy. They are always found to be involved in some activity or the other.Sometimes, by their own choice and sometimes by the choice of their parents. Many parents believe that keeping kids active helps in their overall development and hence try to keep them preoccupied.

However, busy schedules may stress their child without letting them realize and may have bad impact on their health, studies or other activities.Hence, its always advisable for parents to keep a check on their kids schedules and help them to take a break and relax. Relaxation helps to rejuvenates body and mind and increase the concentration and efficiency of their work.

All kids love coloring .Its one of the best methods of relaxing your kid by providing drawing sheets and colors. Let them sketch, paint or scrabble on paper. Join them and be the part of their team. Kids enjoy their parent’s involvement in their work and so by doing so they feel enthusiastic and being loved.

Plan to play some light indoor games which do not involve lot of activity and moving around. Like puzzle making, building blocks are few indoor games which kids love playing. Give the options to kids and let them decide as per their choice and preferences.

Relax and watch good short stories videos or rhymes with the kids. Ask them to join you while doing yoga .Teach them few easy poses, breathing exercises. This helps them to relax and form special bond with the parents.

Give them hot chocolate milk, milk shakes, smoothies or milk with a teaspoon of honey in It., as it helps to provide instant energy to the kid. Read out a book to them or tell them a story .Else share your day activity with them and simultaneously ask them to share their entire day activity at school, day care or at home. Besides relaxing the kids, such interactions develops better understanding between the parent-kid relationship as well as removes communication gap between them, if any.

Music distresses and helps to relax everyone including kids. Play a soft music for them, sing the song along with your kid and enjoy the moment.

Raka Raghuvanshi