Relieving Stress During Pregnancy

Stress has negative impact on pregnancy It hinders the healthy development of the fetus. Therefore, to avoid any complications during pregnancy, expectant moms should always take special care of themselves to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Healthy and happy lifestyle is one of the most effective ways of managing stress. This includes healthy eating habits and a regular exercise. So, all pregnant women should eat healthy food and include exercise in their daily regime.

Healthy and balanced diet provides all the essential nutrients for the growth and development of the baby and also helps to boost the energy levels. Similarly, exercises makes you feel energetic and helps to deal with the daily challenges more effectively.

It also helps to reduce anxiety and stress level. In long run; during delivery, an exercise also helps to cope up with the pregnancy pain in a better way.So,one should include any form of exercise like walking,yoga,breathing exercises etc .However, before starting any form of exercise, one should always consult respective gynecologist .

Work pressure or daily house core pressure also accounts for stress in pregnant women . So; it is you who have to set the limits of your work.You are the best judge for yourself.You should not overwork and therefore, pregnant women should always take the help of her friends, family members etc to share her work.

Taking out time for yourself is one of the best method of relaxation.So,during this phase, pregnant women should meditate, do yoga, listen to music, read books, watch television ,socialize with friends ,etc .This helps them to feel good and hence reduce stress.

Husband and wife have a special bonding .Therefore, communicating with spouse also proves to be an effective way of reducing stress. During pregnancy, a woman undergoes various emotional changes. As a result, she experiences different kinds of mood swings. So, by sharing all her feelings with her husband, helps her to reduce her anxiety and stress.

Pregnancy involves various physical changes.So, as pregnancy advances, she is surrounded with numerous queries.Therefore, pregnant women should never hide any queries or tensions. Rather she should always consult and share her worries with her gynecologists.  Because of various hormonal changes, a pregnant woman requires to sleep more. Therefore, a good sleep and nap in between also helps to reduce stress.

Raka Raghuvanshi