Remedies For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Remedies For Back Pain During PregnancyDue to increased sedentary and gizmo dependent lifestyle, about three-quarters of pregnant women suffer from miserable back pain. Some women suffer to such an extent that instead of enjoying this rare experience of life, and stashing it safely down the memory lanes, the thought of pregnancy brings alive all those moments of intolerable back pains.

So, if you are pregnant, let not, these back pains play a spoil sport in your case. Also, if this pain is not dealt properly, it can end up into a chronic and recurring pain even after pregnancy, when you won’t have any time left at your expense, once the baby arrives:

Reasons of Back Pain During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, as the baby grows inside, the mother’s body responds by producing a hormone relaxin which softens the ligaments and the muscles, so that the body can expand, to accommodate the baby. Thus they get easily tired and are more prone to injuries too. The weight of the baby can pull these muscles off, causing back pain and sore joints.

Types of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Posterior Pelvic Pain and Lumbar Pain

Both these types of pains are general in nature and occur more commonly. While the posterior pelvic pain happens very low in the back, close to the buttocks, the later one is experienced in the lower back. Some women can suffer from both the types simultaneously.

Pelvic Girdle Pain

This pain occurs in between the hips at one’s back, due to loosening of the ligaments during pregnancy, to facilitate the movement of the baby. Sometimes this pain can be felt down the legs.

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Sciatic Pain

In this case, the disc in the spinal cord bulges out or gets inflamed, thus exerting pressure on the nerves. This can be experienced as shooting pain in the lower back sometimes extending till toes, or in some cases it results in numbness in the lower part. This type of pain is quite rare as only one percent women suffer from it during pregnancy.

Remedial Measures to Alleviate Back Pain

Regular Gentle Exercise Session

This session can include easy and safe stretching exercises which strengthens the back muscles. Swimming, walking and yoga too are good alternatives.

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Beware of Heavy Weights

Though it’s quite obvious that after surpassing the discomforts of first trimester, you must be pepped up with excitement to prepare for your baby, but in this rush, don’t move heavy boxes or pick up heavy weights. If it becomes unavoidable in any case, hold it close to your body while keeping your back straight. Prefer pushing with your legs and don’t twist.

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Ways To Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

Mind your Posture

Instead of bending, squat down on the knees and while sitting put an extra pillow to support your lower back.

Comfortable Footwear

Wear footwear that are light weight and are flat. Their sole must be soft and if an extra padding of insole is present, then that’s even better.

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Proper Mattress

Have enough sleep on a comfortable mattress. You can also use an extra pillow to support your bump and reduce the strain on the back while lying on the side.

Warm Bath

Having shower with luke warm water relaxes the back muscles and alleviates the pain.

Pelvic Support Belts

If the condition is severe then doctors sometimes prescribe the use of these belts for support.