Remedies for Clogged Milk Duct

This is a common problem for mostly the new mothers, when the milk ducts get blocked and causes inflammation or soreness on the breasts.

Sometimes externally you can feel a sort of small but hard lump inside the breast, which probably causing the blockage in the milk flow. As the milk flow gets stopped, more milk gets accumulated and it leads to breast engorgement.

There might be various reasons behind this problem. More commonly it happens for incomplete feeding for your baby, as the milk flow is discontinued all of a sudden, the excess milk gets clogged inside the duct and creates an obstruction. Alternatively it can be either the after effect of a tight nursing bra or can be related to inadequate milk flow. It can also be the outcome of some serious sickness or intolerable stress.

As a remedy of clogged milk duct, you have to remove the obstruction in the milk way by some means. Once the blockage is removed, the problem gets solved within minutes. First and foremost, you should keep on nursing more frequently, when you have this.

It might be very painful for you to feed your baby with the soaring breast, but it is the best natural way to remove the blockage. As your baby will suck, the clogged milk portion will automatically come out and give you much relief. If you have a milk pumping machine, then it can also be used for removing the obstruction.

If your baby is not that hungry or she is not able to suck this thing out, then you can massage your breast with warm olive oil or baby oil. While massaging use a pushing motion from the base to the nipple, to help in removing the blockage. You can also use steamed towel on your breast or take a hot shower for unclogging the duct.

In case you are not able to get this out, you need to visit to your obstetrician for solving the problem. Your doctor might squeeze your breast with medical skill to bring out the milk clot. If required, your nipple might be pricked with a sterile needle to make way for this. Once it comes out, you will be suggested to apply antibiotic ointment on the nipple for couple of days to take care of any infection.

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