Remedies For Infertility – Stop a Life of Infertility Crisis

Remedies For InfertilityOne of the most agonizing problems a married couple can face is the infertility crisis. Infertility may happen for many reasons where either of the partner’s physical condition or defects may be responsible.

But the good news is nowadays lot of infertility problems can be cured and the couple can be blessed with kids of their own. There are medical interventions as well as natural methods by which remedies for infertility can be found.

But the couple has to consult an expert doctor who can carry some tests on both the partners to find out the actual problem and will accordingly advice which methods to take up. Infertility is a medical condition and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed about it.

Don’t feel hesitant to approach the doctor and discuss your problem or else you’ll have to suffer unnecessarily.

Understanding Infertility

Infertility happens when you are unable to conceive after trying to get pregnant for a considerable amount of time. Infertility may also be the cause of terminating a pregnancy even if a woman manages to get pregnant. Why or how infertility occurs can be explained through the conditions essential for the process of pregnancy.

An egg is released through ovulation every month from one or both the ovaries of a woman which must travel through the fallopian tube and may get fertilized with a sperm on the way.

The fertilized egg then gets attached to the inside of the uterus where it develops to become a healthy baby ready to be delivered at the end of the gestation period. Any problems or defects in any of the stages may trigger infertility problems.

Male infertility may happen due to injuries, erectile dysfunction or malformation of the genitals which may affect the number and shape of the sperms.

Women get into the risks of infertility with increasing age, PCOS or ovulation problems, defects in the fallopian tubes or uterus due to the presence of fibroids. Male infertility risks can be due to exposure to toxins, injuries, malformation or extreme substance abuse.

Sometimes some medical conditions like mumps, certain medications and treatments like radiation and chemotherapy may also make a man infertile.

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Remedies for Infertility

There are both medical and natural remedies for infertility. Medical remedies involve various drugs, surgeries or artificial processes like In Vitro fertilization. Ovulation disorders can be treated with hormonal drugs while surgeries may be performed to rectify malformations or defects in the organs.

Assisted reproductive technology consists of processes like IVF, vibratory or electric stimulation to achieve ejaculation, assisted hatching, surgical sperm aspiration and Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. All these processes involve giving some form of deliberate assistance to deal with infertility.

Natural remedies for infertility have no side effects. A Surgery can be an ordeal while drugs and artificial methods always have some form of side effects.  Natural remedies involve yoga, herbs, acupuncture and abdominal massages.

Yoga has an answer for all kinds of physical and mental problems. Yoga can relieve you from stress and also assist you to combat infertility.

Several herbs like red raspberry leaf, red clover leaf, false unicorn and vitex can actually rectify various internal problems that interfere with pregnancy. Acupuncture can also be an effective means to rectify various hormonal disturbances that cause infertility.

Mayan abdominal massage is an effective massage technique that purports to realign certain internal organs like the uterus and combat certain internal malfunctions like fibroids or pelvic troubles.

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