Restricting Weight Gain During Pregnancy

When women become pregnant, one of the most common myths they tend to believe is that they must start eating for two instead of one. Although it is true that a woman requires more calories and nutrition during her pregnancy, many women tend to over indulge themselves and this leads to excessive weight gain.

However, there are some easy steps for restricting weight gain during pregnancy.It is natural for the body to require extra nutrition and calories during the period of pregnancy.

Women with different body types require differ in the amount of food they should intake and the average weight they should ideally gain. During the pregnancy period, higher the Body Mass Index (BMI), lesser the number of pounds one should put on.

The first step in restricting weight gain during pregnancy is to avoid overeating with the excuse of having a child. It is best to consult a doctor or a pre-natal nutrition expert. They will be able to set guidelines about what kind of diet should be followed, what kind of food is good for the developing child and kinds of food that should best be avoided while pregnant.

Doctors or gynaecologists will also prescribe pre-natal vitamins that keep the weight in check. A step by step diet plan for each month or trimester is regulates the fat content you intake and keeps your healthy and fit.

It is often beneficial to pick up an exercise routine for each trimester. Pregnant women often experience cravings which are not always a healthy option and lead to putting on a few pounds. If there is a simple exercise plan that is followed, restricting weight gain during pregnancy becomes quite simple.

One should consult a personal trainer or attend group exercise sessions that target pregnant women. These pre-natal exercise classes also help in reducing weight after the pregnancy is over. Simple exercises like walking and climbing the stairs regularly in the early months of the pregnancy are useful.

Apart from these steps, one of the best weight busters is to drink a good amount of water. Water acts like a suppressant, which keeps one from over indulging and also keeps the body well hydrated. Some basic guidelines make restricting weight gain during pregnancy simple and adds to a happy and healthy nine months!