Risks of Postponing Pregnancy

Living amidst the mist of modernization and globalization, couples today, plan to have a delayed pregnancy. This seems to be more common in countries like US and other western nations. Causes for this decision may vary individual to individual, however the complications and impacts turn to be the same for all.

Interest towards personal life and career focus is more towards the women of US, wherein they are not likely to attain motherhood at the correct stage of life. Various researches and studies keep proving that the risk factors of having a postponed pregnancy are high, especially in cases of women above 30 years of age.

Though you are physically fit and posses a well functioning reproductive system, the possibilities of miscarriage due to week pregnancy, is high in cases of aged women. Even with the advancement in the medical field today, miscarriage could be prevented only to certain extent; as well assurance of a healthy baby can never be assured. Couples showing more interest towards personal life and wanting to attain the parenthood later must realize that they are sowing their seeds to reap a physically challenged kid.

To avoid all this, proper counseling for the couple is very important, as most of the couple decide to delay without actually knowing the complete consequences involved in it.

It is believed among the couples that oral contraceptive pills are likely to have consequences and therefore it can be used regularly for avoiding for a year or two. This is absolutely wrong. Anything artificial is prone to have adverse effects on the natural process of attaining motherhood.  Some women wants to maintain their societal status and look young and beautiful among their peer group and for them pregnancy is being a big bane.

Men and women must understand that life gets complete only on attaining their motherhood. There are thousand of cases who try and try a lot, but not able to attain their parenthood. So, this gift of God cannot be enjoyed by all, so if you are one among the gifted, think you are precious and make the most of this valuable gift.

So, my dear women, attaining motherhood is a beautiful feeling and a divine gift of God. So, never ever try to postpone your motherhood on your own. Let’s be natural!! Things will happen naturally!!