Role of Husbands During Wifes Pregnancy

On a common note, Pregnancy is treated as a feminine concept and men acts as a mere spectator during this vital period. Parenting starts right from the date of confirmation of pregnancy and thereby, the crucial role of the husbands get kicked off too. A woman goes through a critical journey during these 10 months, both mentally and physically.

Caring and sharing of more than usual love and affection to a wife becomes a prior task of the husband. Any women for that will expect her man to admire and feel her tummy and place a warmth kiss to the baby inside, everyday. Ladies will have full of expectations and curiosities, which the man should understand himself and fulfill it.

A man should understand that his girl is getting ready for her second birth. A husband is expected to become the second mother of his wife, on this next birth of hers.

If got a chance, men can also attend childbirth classes which will be of more helpful, both during and soon after pregnancy. Accompany her in all the prenatal checkups and talk personally to the gynecologist to make sure that everything is going on well in her body.

Pay interest and listen, not only to what her heart says, but also to feel her heart beats. Husband needs to give the full courage and hope for his wife, as he is the only and full moral support. More important is to spend the maximum time possible with the wife during pregnancy and delivery.

A husband is the only person who can give both emotional and rational support to his pregnant wife. Love both her mind and body and pay equal attention to both. It is advisable for him to be more expressive during this period, as the expectation of your girl will be more. She may very well know that you love her the most; however she would want you to express your love and care for her.

Last, but more important, inquire the doctor and make sure that you are present inside the operation theater, when you girl delivers your kid. The moment she opens her eyes, it should be you and only you to be present in the room.

Make her feel great, because, motherhood by itself is great!!