Role of Parents in Children Education

Parents play an important role in shaping up their children future. Imparting good social, moral, psychological knowledge  and academics in them is entirely parent’s responsibility.

Kids need love, support and encouragement of their parents in very small things that they learn. Good education helps the kids to grow into independent adults and achieve all the success in life. So, by providing good education to kids is lifetime achievement for parents. Children success is parent’s success. So; role of parents is their children education plays a very important role.

Parents must start developing the habit of reading story books, telling stories and many such activities from the early stages of childhood. This not only helps the kids in increasing their knowledge, vocabulary, sentence formation, speech clarity during the developing years but it also helps the kids later to read their study books.

Thus, this builds the love for their academics books. Visiting libraries, gifting different books to their kids, helping them select correct book are few ways by which parents can involve themselves in educating their children.

Meeting teachers regularly and working on the weaker points of their kids also help significantly. Parents must also be involved and encourage the kids to do their home works. They must recheck the task their kids do and help to correct them, if needed. Besides this, parents must help the kids to revise the various lessons of different subjects and thus help them to be updated in their academic studies.

Parents must spend quality time with their kids. This is the best method of sharing facts and imparting general knowledge and solving their queries. This also helps to know in detail about your kid, their work in progress. Its very essential for parents to keep a track of their kid’s progress to provide timely corrections. It builds strong bond and sharing attitude.

Parents must encourage their kids to participate in various competitions like debates, declamation, plays, singing etc. One should set a timetable for the various activities as well as for studies for their kids. This helps in the overall growth and development.

Parents must set rules and boundaries for their kids to inculcate discipline in them. This should be followed by encouragement, praise and rewards for their success and accomplishments at school or at home. In return this boosts self esteem and confidence in them.

Helping kids in decision making process is also essential part of positive parenting. Parents must help their kids in choosing their career options, their subjects for higher studies.

Raka Raghuvanshi