Role of Parents in Their Children Activity

Children are bundle of energy. They are always on the move around the house.However, as they grow their physical activity decreases and they become more confined to their room or to their houses for various avoidable and unavoidable reasons. 

Children are parent’s responsibility. They play an integral role in grooming their kids in all aspects and fitness is one of them. It’s said an inactive child generally grows into an inactive adult. This increases the responsibility of parents all the more.Beside, as a parent, it’s our duty and responsibility to develop healthy active life style in our kids. This habit should be developed right from their early age.

These years of infancy, adolescence, and teens are the best years for building stamina, muscles and strength. So, parents must chalk out a proper plan for their kids physical activity which creates interest and fun among them.So, that kids are not bored of those activity but are rather anxious and eager to practice them.Infact, by doing so they are motivated .Outdoor games like volley ball, basket ball, cycling, swimming, trekking, lawn tennis, badminton, exercise etc can be included in their daily activity.

Physical activity not only helps to build physiques in children but it also develops good habits, self confidence, self esteem ,sense of achievements, spirit to fight as well brain development. It also helps them to lose weight and distress them. This in turn will help them to face and cope up with the various challenges in their life in future

However, parents being the role mode for their kids, not only should they set the rules and plans for them but they should also involve themselves .Besides, encouraging their kids for physical activities they should also plan and follow some activity  themselves. They should also incorporate some common activity like night walks after dinner or morning walks. This is not only good for health and provides quality time with family but also increases family bonding. In addition, special care should take for balanced diet planning for the family.

Thus importance of physical activity in kid’s life is unparalleled. It not only helps to keep them active but it also keeps them away from various diseases and health complications .By inculcating the habit of physical activity in our kids, we help to create healthy society and healthy nation on the whole.

Raka Raghuvanshi