Routine Health Checks Are Important For Your Baby

Right from the time your baby is born till the age of about two years, it is necessary that your baby has regular check-ups with the pediatrician.

Popularly known as “well-baby examinations”, these health check-ups are necessary to monitor the growth and development of your baby. Well-baby exams are helpful when you want to seek answers for questions you may have about your baby’s growth, diet, immunizations, etc.

Your baby will undergo a check-up immediately after birth and again a few days after birth. After this, most pediatricians will see babies once every month for the first six months.

Your baby will then have regular check-ups every 2-3 months till he/she is 18 months old. However, every health care provider will have his/her own check-up schedule. Be sure to ask your baby’s pediatrician about the “well-baby exam” schedule at the very start so that you can know exactly when you need to meet the doctor and accordingly adjust your schedule.

The wellness examination includes taking measurements of your baby’s length, weight, etc which are charted to enable see how your baby’s growth can be compared to other babies of the same age.

Physical examination is an important part of health check-ups. The pediatrician will examine various parts of your baby’s body such as head, abdomen, mouth, skin, genitalia, etc to check for any abnormalities. The doctor will also monitor your baby’s heart rate and check for any signs of unusual breathing patterns.

The pediatrician will ask you questions about your baby’s physical and emotional behavior. Wellness examinations provide an opportunity for parents to ask the doctor any queries they may have. Breastfeeding, introducing solid foods, skin care, baby safety etc. are common queries that most new parents have.

Even if you have trivial queries ensure you clarify them with your baby’s pediatrician as your baby’s health is of utmost importance and most doctors will be happy to answer even basic queries. Wellness examinations are also the time when routine immunizations are scheduled for your baby.

Do ensure you call the doctor immediately in case you notice any other health problems in your baby such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.