Routine Tests During pregnancy

Your antenatal visit will start as soon as you discover that you are pregnant. If this is your first pregnancy then it is better to find out in advance what tests will be done. It is good to take your spouse along for the first visit.

The first visit will be a long session with the doctor. During this visit the doctor or midwife will ask you some routine questions about your lifestyle, health issues and job.

This is so that they can rule out any problem that could affect your pregnancy. You will be asked if you have had an abortion or miscarriage in the past.

At every other visit your weight will be checked. This helps them to know if the baby is growing sufficiently. Extra weight gain would mean you are suffering from water retention. You will be asked to send your urine for regular testing to check the sugar and protein levels. These urine tests are also a base to check for gestational diabetes. Your blood pressure will be checked at every antenatal visit.

Ask the midwife any queries you have regarding your pregnancy. She will regularly inform you about the necessary tests that are to be done and once your pregnancy reaches eighteen weeks your doctor or mid wife will listen to the baby’s heartbeat to see that all is well in the pregnancy. If you have no problems during your pregnancy you may not be asked to come every month for a routine check-up. You will be called every six weeks.

Internal examinations are not very common and will be done as and when required rather than at every visit. An ultra sound scan will be done only after thirteen weeks. This scan helps to determine the position of the baby and the placenta. It will detect any abnormalities and also multiple pregnancies. This test can be conducted by your own doctor if she has the necessary equipment in the clinic.

Since you will be meeting your doctor and midwife all through the pregnancy you must be very comfortable and confident of them. If you for any reason are not comfortable make sure to change them immediately as there will be a long term relationship between them and you.