Safe And Stylish Kids Room Decor

Safe And Stylish Kids Room DecorKids are the most precious and priceless gift we have in our lives, so why ignore their room. Why not decorate and plan a Kid’s room which is safe and special one. The room for kids should not only be colourful , it should be kids friendly.

This means it should be perfectly safe and they should be able to access all their thing easily without your help . The best part of the kid’s room is that they should love their room. Let us check out some easy tips which will help in making your kids room special and safe for him.

Cover the electrical fittings

This is the first and the foremost point which should be kept in mind while decorating your child’s room, the electrical fitting should be totally covered .Not even a single wire should be left hanging around. All the electricity fittings should be concealed with covers, because mostly the kids are into the habit of exploring and experimenting.

When they see open electricity wires they are automatically attracted towards them and start playing with them, which is very dangerous. All the electricity boards and switches should be covered with fire proof glass covers; this will make all the switches and electricity boards unreachable for them. At  the same time if the switch board  catches fire  then there will be no harm done to your child he will be safe and sound.

Pay attention to the Furniture

The furniture for the kid’s room should also be selected from the safety point of view, so make it a point not to buy wrought iron or hardwood furniture for your child’s room. The reason being the kids are fond of playing around and messing in their room, while jumping from one place to the other them might get hurt badly if the furniture is made up of wrought iron or hardwood.

Choose the one which is made up of a bit lighter and softer material so that the child can jump around safely. Soft wood or foam furniture is the best choice for the kid’s room; this will do least harm to them while playing around in the room. You can decorate the room with their favourite soft toys and should keep as many as you can. This will prevent them from getting hurt even if they fall, the soft toys will provide nice cushion to them.

Strike a balance while setting the kids room

All the bulky and gigantic furniture should be kept in one corner, or if you want you can keep on the slab in their room. This way all these huge and large things will be out of their reach and they will not be able to play around with all these things. This way the room will get a neat and tidy look too.

Focus on Natural Lighting

The kid’s room should get as much sunlight as it can; this is said by Vaastu as well as Feng shui experts too. The natural sunlight reaching their room will give them positive vibes and they will remain active too. In order to get maximum sunlight in their room get big ventilators made in their room. This will not only bring natural light but also fresh air in their room. The windows and the ventilators in their room should be built at height more than theirs so that they are not able to reach their easily.

Give personal Touch to the kid’s room

Do not just go for cartoon characters and colourful baby pictures for the kid’s room. You can add personal zing to their room by hanging photo frames too, with family photographs or photographs of their childhood. The other nice and catchy option is to get framed group photographs of their class or their fancy dress photographs etc.

making big collage of all these photographs clubbed with birthday photos or picnic photos is also a brilliant idea to add personalized touch to their room. This will revive the old memories and the child will also cherish the old memories.

Keeping in touch with old memories is best to improve the family bonding and this will help him in understanding the importance of relationships. But before getting them framed remember that the photographs should not be framed in glass frames. It should be laminated, so that just in case the frame breaks nobody gets hurt.

Fancy Beds and Bed sheets

If the child is so special for you then the bed and bed sheet be unique and fascinating. The bed should be unique and not a regular bed which we use for our bedroom. This is the only room where you can experiment at your ease with the colour or shape or size of the bed. SO why not let the horses of imagination loose and design a nice colourful bed which is attractive and beautiful too.

You can use colourful plywood to decorate it in different colours. Bed is not the only thing which can be coloured; bed sheets should also be very colourful and eye-catching. You should use vibrant colours for the kid’s bed sheet. Same way you can play around with colours for the curtains and the durries in the kid’s room. You can keep lots of colourful, big and small cushions and pillows too in the room. This kind of mix and match of various colours will make the room lively and charismatic.

Be innovative with the Bookshelf

The bookshelf and the study table are the two integral parts of any child’s room and they should be kept close to each other. If you want you can convert one corner of the room into a study unit, where both the bookshelf and the study table are kept nearby.

This will save money too because it will look as a single unit and you will not have to buy new furniture for the child’s room. If both the things are kept near each other the child will be able to concentrate on his studies more. This way you can apply these tricks and decorate your child’s room as you want with a pleasant colour combination of bed, bookshelf and walls.

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