Safe And Unsafe Drinks During Pregnancy

As a pregnant lady, you are constantly wary of what you eat and drink, and do not want to make any mistake by consuming something that is harmful to your baby. As your pregnancy advances, you will feel increasingly thirsty.

Also, drinking enough fluids and remaining hydrated is recommended by doctors to keep yourself healthy during your pregnancy. But many of us are habituated to consuming beverages other than water. However, not all types of beverages and drinks are safe for you during pregnancy.

This article throws light on which drinks are safe to be had during pregnancy and the ones that are not.

Carbonated soda are what most of us consume on a regular basis. However, once you are pregnant it is recommended that you cut its consumption drastically. Though an occasional glass of your favorite soda drink may not harm your baby, regular and daily consumption is a definite no-no.

Most carbonated beverages contain considerable amounts of caffeine, which can cause decreased blood flow to the placenta and harm your baby. Also, soda drinks only provide empty calories without supplying any nutrition. Since you want to consume only healthy calories during pregnancy, restrict your consumption of soda drinks to a minimum.

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is not considered safe at all. Even a little amount of alcohol can increase the risk of miscarriage and still-birth. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is also linked to birth defects in babies such as learning and speech difficulties, mental retardation, behavioral and physical problems, etc.

Herbal teas can be consumed in moderation. Though there is no conclusive research linking herbal tea to birth defects in babies, it is best to be had in moderation, especially in the first trimester when the fetus is in its most delicate stage. Unpasteurized fruit juices and milk are certainly not recommended during pregnancy.

Unpasteurized juices and milk can contain certain micro-organisms that can harm your baby’s neurological system. It is better that you have freshly squeezed fruit juices, ensuring you wash the fruits before juicing them. If you are unsure about any type of drink or beverage you are consuming, it is best to hold on, consult your doctor and only then go ahead and have it.