Safe Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy

When you get pregnant it gives you a lot of happiness and pleasure with the feel of being a mother very soon, but simultaneously, many beauty complications arise and you need to treat them.When you notice that your beauty is getting affected due to pregnancy you get worried. But no need to worry; you can retain and maintain your beauty with some safe methods which are given here.

During pregnancy, fatigue is very common and you feel tired very soon. Massage fills your body with fresh energy and also adds beauty to your skin because it wipes out dead cells from your skin. For back pains and aches, massage is considered as perfect antidote. Above all, massage is considered a safe beauty treatment for pregnant women. However, some care should be taken while taking massage for the safety of your unborn child. Lying flat on your back should be avoided.

To shift pressure off your back, it is better to lie on your side. You should get massage on special type of bed or table meant for pregnant women. Instruct your massage therapist not to put pressure on any point which could trigger contractions. Avoid any posture which you find uncomfortable.

Some oils which are safe for pregnant women are jasmine, lavender, tangerine, chamomile etc. Avoid oils such as rosemary, peppermint, basil, oregano, thyme etc. because they cause potentially prompt contractions.Sometimes you may need the feel to dye or color your hair to maintain your beauty. In such cases, you should just highlight your hair instead of putting color chemicals. Chemicals, which color your hair, after touching your scalp, get absorbed in the skin and through blood stream it reaches your unborn child which is harmful.

For the treatment of your skin during your pregnancy, opt for facials because they are absolutely safe. Also to take care of your skin, use mild products for massage or a body scrub. Glycolic Acid or Alpha Hydroxy Acid products are considered to be safe for pregnant women.

Except a few, most lotions and makeup are safe for pregnant women, but don’t use any lotion designed for the treatment of acne or wrinkles because they contain harmful chemical called salicylic acids which is not good for you.
During pregnancy you also need to take proper care of your teeth because a gum disease called as gingivitis occurs in pregnant women.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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