Safety for The Baby

What you wear after your delivery is also as important as what you wore all through the pregnancy. You will still need to wear the clothes that you wore during the second trimester. Do not think that you can start wearing all the great things that you used to wear earlier.

What you wear is very important while you are caring for the baby. Choose things that will not hurt the baby. Keep your clothes simple. Avoid wearing clothes that have sequins and studs as you will find your self carrying the child all the time and the child will be sucking and fidgeting with your clothes and it is very easy for the baby to swallow these.

When visitors come to meet the baby see that they are not wearing clothes that would hurt the baby and also sharp belts. Keep a long napkin handy so that you can put on the shoulder of the one who wants to carry the baby. If they find it rude just tell them that the advice has been given by the doctor in charge.

Avoid wearing heels when you are carrying for your baby as it is also easy to slip. You need to be comfortable so stick with the flats as you would not want any thing to happen. When you go visiting always remember to carry with you a small cotton bedcover that you can put on any persons bed before you put your baby down.

Do not eat or allow any one else to eat food around the baby as food particles fall and not only will they attract mosquitoes but the child may land up putting something in the mouth as well.

As a mother avoid wearing too much jewellery, remove rings and necklaces that could poke and hurt the baby. You will not even realize if it is hurting the baby but their skin is so sensitive that there is no harm if you avoid wearing them for a couple of months.

Your baby’s safety is of utmost importance and do not bother about what others tell you; do what you feel best for the baby. It is normal to feel over protective especially if it your first child.