Safety in the Bath

Children somehow manage to do the most dangerous and unexpected things. You have to be very careful when you have a child in your house. Besides swallowing small objects and touching things around the house they also experiment around in the bathroom which can be dangerous and sometimes also fatal.

When your child is in the bath do not leave him unattended for any amount of time. The bath area is quite slippery and they may jump and fall and can get hurt quiet badly. Some parents keep their children in a tub of water with some toys and feel they feel the child should be ok for a few minutes and they go out to do some work. This should never be drown.

Children can drown in the least of waters. If they lose balance in the tub they over turn and cannot save themselves. Another thing kids try and do is start the shower by themselves and experiment when you are bnot around. They do not understand temperature control and the water may be too hot for them.

Do not feel that since you have told them not to touch anything they are going to listen. they love experimenting. So if they do something it is entirely your fault and not theirs. Never leave the child alone in the bathroom as lots can happen in even one minute.

Always also make sure that you keep the toilet seat down and preferably locked as you will find your child peeping in to it and before you know it they stuff their hand inside and strange things happen. Be very careful if you have kept filled buckets of water in the bath area as kids are known to look in to them and lose balance and fall in to it and drown.

Parents will never be sure of what their children are capable of. Some parents feel that their kids are surely not going to do some of the things that they have heard about. But it is not good to think like that as you can never be too sure as your child may be the next victim of something silly and dangerous and totally unexpected.