Safety Precautions When Bathing A New Born Baby

Bathing a new born baby can be an intimidating experience for most new parents as infants can get slippery and squirmy when wet. New born babies need not be given a bath daily as bathing too often can lead to dry skin.

Till your baby is about 2 weeks old or till the umbilical cord has fallen off, it is recommended that you only give a sponge bath to your baby. After this, you can start bathing your infant in a baby bath tub.

The most important rule to keep in mind when you start bathing your baby in a tub or a sink is never to leave your baby alone, even for a second. There are have been many instances of infants getting drowned in tubs when left unattended even for a few seconds. Prepare in advance by getting all baby bath supplies ready in a place where you can quickly and conveniently access them while you are bathing your baby.

This will ensure that you always have one hand on your baby when he/she is in the tub. In the bath tub, fill about 2 to 3 inches of lukewarm water. The temperature of the water should not exceed beyond 120 degree Fahrenheit as it could result in burns for your baby. Before you place your baby in the water, check the water temperature by inserting your hand in the water.

The water temperature must be comfortably warm but not too hot. It is advisable to first fill the tub with the desired quantity of water and monitor its temperature and then place the baby in the tub, rather than place your baby under running water. The temperature of running water can change suddenly, making it either too hot or too cold for your baby.

Avoid undressing your baby till you are ready to place him/her in the warm tub water. If you do undress your baby a little in advance, remember to keep him/her wrapped in a snuggle towel.

This will prevent your baby from catching a chill. Similarly, keep a dry towel ready so that you can immediately wrap it around your baby once you are done. This will make it much easier for you to handle your wet baby and also provide warmth and comfort to your little one after bath.