Safety Tips for Pregnant Working Women

If you are one of those working women who have just got pregnant, one of the many questions which come from your inquisitive mind is whether it is safe to carry on with your work normal duty during pregnancy. The answer is yes. It is totally safe to carry out what your profession demands. But there are certain things you should guard against while carrying out the demand of your job. For example, doing certain things such as lifting heavy objects may cause pregnancy complications.

Once you are pregnant, you have to avoid involving any strenuous physical activity such as carrying weighty things, climbing up the stairs, or standing for long time during pregnancy. You may also learn to say “no” politely and cut down on working hours as much as possible. Also, avoiding mentally demanding tasks are best avoided as they can give you stress. Additionally, you may the following safety tips for working pregnant women useful.

If you think your job is too demanding and is giving you stress, first of all consult your physician. Then talk to your reporting manager or the head. With a recommendation from your physician, you may request for a temporary change in job profile which may better suit your condition. Also if your job requires you to fly, you may first consult your physician and find out if your condition permits flying. He will also give you useful tips for flying during pregnancy.

Pregnant women whose jobs require them to be present at factories, farms, dry cleaning facilities should take more care that they are not exposed directly to chemicals, pesticides, cleaning supplies, and also metals such as lead as these can cause serious pregnancy complications including miscarriage. Consult with your doctor if you work in one of these areas.

Those women working in the healthcare sector should also be extra careful as they can easily get exposed to viruses including chickenpox, hepatitis B, and rubella. Keep distance from patients infected with such viruses. Also, wash your hands with as often as possible. If infected, it can lead to even birth defects. Also, radiation used in radiotherapy can caused risks to your baby. Make sure that you wear a protection suit to prevent such exposure.