Save Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Cord blood is the blood from the umbilical cord, which actually connects the unborn baby with her mother, inside the uterus. Recently scientists have discovered a great usage of this cord blood. The stem cells present in this cord blood can do a miracle to save the baby in her future days from some deadly circumstances. So, you need to store this cord blood, when the umbilical cord is being cut at the time of the birth.

Now, why these stem cells are so important? Actually these stem cells are the premature stage of certain specific cells such as muscle cells, brain cells, blood cells or others. The property of these stem cells are so beneficial that it can even be used for regenerating the cells of the bone marrow, if they get destroyed by some means like radiation or chemical medications. Stem cells have also been useful to treat the patient with cardiac, nervous or brain problems.

According to the scientists, the stem cells collected during the birth can be used for any person, having blood relation with the baby. Normally the stem cells are most useful for the identical twin or siblings. However, if the construction of stem cells of any person closely matches to the collected ones, then also it can be used to treat that person. Before using the stem cells doctor would check whether it matches with the patient’s system or not.

If you specify your obstetrician that you want to store the cord blood of your baby, then he should collect it within 15 minutes of cutting the umbilical cord. The blood can be collected directly from the cord into a bag or can be drawn out with a syringe. After the collection, the blood should be immediately transferred to the local blood bank for proper storage. Whenever you need the cord blood, you can contact the blood bank.

Even today, scientists are yet to found the multifaceted usage of the cord blood. Probably, from their continuous research on cord blood, they should discover something more extraordinary. If you are interested in saving the cord blood of your unborn child, you should talk to your hospital to know the detail procedure.