Save Your Time, Money and Sanity

When the baby comes you will realise that there is a lot of expenses piling up. Buying clothes, nappies, doctor’s visits all become part of your life and it can become really expensive. You will find the need to start saving money. Your baby will take up so much time of yours that you will wish that a day had more hours. You can go crazy trying to do things for your child and go slightly insane. You will constantly find the need to teach your child to keep up with what the others are doing and make your infant as smart as the others. These are some ways that will help you to go through the first year with your child.

First of all the baby does not know what he is wearing so hand me downs are absolutely alright. As the baby is swaddled in the first six months you will not even know what he is wearing. If you know someone who has a pram and a cot ask them to let you borrow it if they are done with it. Lots of people will gladly give it to you for lack of storage space. Do not feel bad to ask as you will be saving a lot of money as these are expensive items.

As most mums are pressed for time clean your bathroom while your baby is having a bath. If you want him to do painting activities let him do it at bath time on the walls as they are easy to clean anyway. Your messy child will be bathed anyway. Brush your child’s teeth in the bath area itself as it will save you a bit of time and fuss with the brushing.

Never throw away the baby clothes instead keep them for later use. Your child can use them to dress up the dolls. Your baby’s things will require a lot more space so instead of getting a cupboard made; invest in a chest of drawers as the top can be used as a changing table as well. This will surely help you save money, time and give you piece of mind.