Second Baby: How To Prepare For It

Parents all over the world agree to the fact that the birth of their first child added a new dimension to their lives. It changed their world drastically, filing their lives with happiness and bliss. When a couple plans for a baby for the first time, they undergo a plethora of emotions ranging from happiness to anxiety to doubt to gladness.

But with the birth of the newborn, all the doubts are vanished and the parents cannot help but feel blissful for being blessed with a child. However planning for a second baby can be even more difficult. The couple not only goes through the emotional turbulence they felt during the first pregnancy, but the fear of added responsibility of the second child makes it a tough decision.

Most parents keep stumbling on their decision about having a second child and take the call after seriously considering all the pros and cons of the alternatives.
The birth of the second child completes the family, in a way, for most of the couples. But if both the spouses are not one in their opinion about having a second baby, it can lead to stress between them.

The couples should take time and then decide whether they are ready to expand their family or not. Usually the change in schedule owing to the sleepless nights spend on changing the nappies of your child or rocking him to sleep, the uncomfortable feeling of nausea and vomiting, back pain, etc experienced by the expecting mother, etc become reasons that make a couple think about having a second child.

Nonetheless, there are some couples who take their past experience as a learning experience and plan for a second baby, learning from their past mistakes and making the process easier to handle. Yet having a second child requires planning to avoid situations in the future which can make you regret your decision.

Planning your finances is one such important consideration. Bringing up a child entails huge expenditure in terms of nourishment of the kid, schooling and education, health care, etc. The couples need to plan in advance if they can manage the increase in expenditure and if they can provide for the needs of the child. The health of the mother is yet another aspect which should not be ignored especially if the first pregnancy was a complicated case and if the mother is not in good health.

Having a second baby might not be a good idea and it might endanger the health of the mother and the baby-to-be born. Another crucial aspect which the parents need to take care while planning the second baby is to ensure that their first child is not ignored when the second baby takes birth. This can lead to sibling rivalry between the two. Parents need to be very careful. They need to ensure that both the siblings are treated equally and attention is paid to both of them. None of the children should feel ignored or left alone.