Second Time Pregnant: The Importance of Preparing Your Kids for the New Arrival

Getting pregnant after already having a kid or two can be a different proposition altogether then becoming pregnant for the first time. Of course, all women find their first pregnancy more exciting than their second or third pregnancy. During your first pregnancy, you may have been probably busy trying to predict whether you will give birth to a son or a daughter.

And when you had known the baby gender, you may have start thinking of baby names, the clothing etc. And at times, the focus must have been shifted from your baby to your own impending conditions such labor and childbirth. When you were a firs time expectant mom you loved listening to the experiences other women had during childbirth.

Now that you are pregnant again, the excitement is lesser this time. And most probably, you are less preoccupied with the thoughts of pregnancy and childbirth. This means you are freer mentally and also physically. You can probably take advantage of this ease and free time to prepare your kid or kids for the arrival of the new baby.

Many a times, kids don’t like it when a newborn arrives in the family. The sudden shift of focus or attention to the little baby makes him or her feel neglected. As a result your kid may start showing negative attitudes such as jealousy. So that such situation does not happen in your family, you and spouse can play a big role in preparing your child for the new addition.

One of the best ways to prepare your kid for the new addition is to let him or her get involved in the pregnancy process. Let your kid suggest names of the new baby. Or you may suggest a name and ask if he or she likes it. Also, you can let him or her pick new clothes for the baby. Also ask your kid which of his or her toys he or she would like to share when the baby arrives.

By involving children in pregnancy process they share the same excitement that you and your spouse share. And more important, he or she will not feel dejected when the baby finally arrives and a shift of attention takes place. The transition will be smooth.