Selecting a Play School

Once your toddler is about sixteen months and is walking you can start to look for play schools in your neighbourhood. Ask your friends for good ones and go and check them all out. You should select one that is close by to your home rather than make your child travel too much for going and coming back.

Go and meet the teacher in charge and examine the place. See that the toys and games are in good condition and that your child is going to be safe there. Ask about the teacher child ratio as the kids at play school are quite small. Also find out if they try and toilet train the child and inform them if you would want them to do so for your child.

Let the school know that you would like to sit for a few sessions with the child so that he gets more comfortable and familiar with the school environment. Once you do decide on a play school try and do a car pool with someone so that you are left with more free time. Your child cannot go to the pre-school for more than one and a half hours as they are yet too small. Make sure that you send a change of clothes and send your child in pampers. Also label all the things that belong to your child to make it easier for the teacher.

Do remember to send a snack for your child unless the school is providing them with it. Water is also a must. You should know that once children begin going to school they tend to catch a cold and a cough so if your child is unwell keep him at home rather than have him spread his illness to the others.

Avoid making your child bunk school unnecessarily so that he fits in to a routine and sticks by it. Make sure that you inform the school if your child has any allergies or any other problems at home. Select a school that you are comfortable with and have got good reviews about it.