Self-Esteem Among Teenagers

Every son or daughter should have some degree of self-esteem to succeed in real life. This should be inculcated in the child as soon as he/she attains infancy. Adults believe self-esteem is the manner in which one thinks of himself in comparison to others while the younger generation thinks the other way round.

This difference in thinking is due to the age gap. Needless to say, adults have spent enough time on this planet to know which things are crucial and which can be ignored.

But the adults should be ‘mature’ enough to answer the questions which his child may have and should also support his decisions wherever and as much possible.

When a child does something wrong it is natural for the parents to yell. However, the more logical approach would be to make him/her understand why that action was not warranted. This will help the child understand the mistake and he will refrain from doing such acts in the future.

A certain time will come when a teenager is bound to feel heartbroken when he/she breaks up and it is the duty of the parents to comfort the child during that time and make him/her understand that someone better and more appropriate will come in their lives. They should understand that life does not come to a standstill at any point and life actually goes on whatever is the situation.

The parents are not the ones responsible to build self-esteem in a child. The school with its faculty plays an equally important role in this. The teachers have the power in them to mould the children in the right manner. Friend too plays a part as they can discus certain teenage things.

Self-esteem is very important for a child. He/she will learn to handle failures more maturely and if he faces any obstacle, then he can just shrug it off and start a new lease in life.

The teenager will become aware of his strengths and weaknesses and he can work upon his deficiencies to lead a better life. This building of self-esteem is an ongoing process for the parents and will, perhaps, eventually end when the child starts a family of his own.