Sex after Childbirth

It is obvious for any women to lose interest in sex for some days or months after delivering a child. However, if this disinterest continues to exist even after six weeks, it is quite likely to affect your relationship with your partner as well as your self-image.

Your partner might find it difficult to stay away from you for so long while you may feel ridiculous about the changes in your body. Moreover, looking after a little one throughout the day and night is a tough job and when your partner is looking forward to make love, you could simply be interested in a nap.

So for how long will the things move like this? Sex is an important part of your relationship along with being a biological need, which can be delayed but not denied.

Here are some suggestions that will help you improve your sex life more rapidly:

Professional Help

If you are really having a hard time gaining back your ability and interest in physical involvement, you must talk to your doctor. This becomes more important if you have had an episiotomy or tear during the delivery process as your doctor needs to check the healing of your stitches. Talking to a professional also becomes essential if you are facing the symptoms of postnatal depression.

Self Help

There is a lot that you can do to help yourself get back to your normal self. For instance, you can use a lubricant if you find your vaginal area too dry or sensitive. Try different sexual positions and tone up your vaginal muscles with some pelvic floor exercises. Relax and take care of your diet to speed up the healing process.

Talk to Your Partner

Sex is not the only cause of your bonding with your partner. So make him aware of the fact that you do love him in the same manner while also explaining him about your physical and emotional condition. You both can discuss the issue in detail and try making love by simply cuddling each-other and even foreplay before you are completely prepared for the intercourse.

Delay in sex after childbirth is a common issue and most new mothers experience low or no interest in physical indulgence. So you are not the only one who is facing these symptoms and like all others you will also resume your sexual life within a short span.